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Why Choose the NSDA?


The NSDA is a dental assistant training school that has been teaching students like you  around the nation since 2001.  We know what works.  Since we opened our doors more than 20 years ago, dentists have called us looking to hire our graduates.  No need to waste time and money in year-long, extremely expensive school when you can attend our school at a fraction of the cost and time, and come out with a better education and preparation.   You can feel good when you put  your future in our hands.


With our fast-track, hands-on course, learning is fast, fun, interesting and less expensive than community and private career colleges.  The year-long programs are very book-focused, and waste a lot of your time and money.  We teach the job of dental assisting.  We do not waste your time with excessive book work, sitting at a desk, loads of lecturing or other time sinks.  We make sure that you are learning hands-on, in the operatory or the lab, doing what you came to do: working with your hands, and working with people.


The dental equipment available for your learning and practice is high quality, modern, and technologically advanced, and is the same that is used currently in the field of dentistry.  Many leading career colleges and community colleges provide outdated equipment that is even obsolete.  We teach in a working dental office, and so the equipment and materials are in use in a contemporary, practicing dental office.


Free Dental Assisting Program?   Grants are available through the state Workforce Centers offering WIOA.  Ask us how to apply.  We also offer an in-house installment plan that breaks up the payments into 3 payments, making our tuition even more affordable.

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